What We Do

We teach aspiring rugmakers how to create custom rugs from start to finish. Learn how to design and fabricate beautiful custom carpets. Study at home with our DVD kit, or come to our training facility for a 40 hour intensive.

Professional Training

Mastercraft Carpet Makers Pro Training Program. 4 day / 40 hour Training Intensive in Sedona, AZ. Take the fast track with us as we teach you the Art of Carpet Sculpture.

Home Study Training

Our Home Study training package is ideal for the motivated DIY hobbyist or craftsperson. Now anyone can create elaborate, custom rugs using the techniques of the pros!

Designer Rug Art

An outstanding collection of 50 Custom Rug Designs. This collection features a handful of striking designs and themes with a proven track record.


Browse our active portfolio. Some projects were featured in designer showcase homes, while other projects were built for special events like trade shows and corporate lobbies.

Mini Course

Mastercraft Carpet Makers developed this four part mini course based on industry research, successful habits, and 25+ years of experience.

In Part I of the Mastercraft Carpet Making System Mini-Course, we’ll explore the area rug industry, how it works and why it’s in such high demand. You’ll also get acquainted with our unique custom carpet fabrication business model. Register today!

Learn all about Custom Rug Fabrication